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Greg Rollett

The link for Scriggleit is broken. You are missing an 'I.' Thought you would like to know!

Bruce Houghton /

Thanks for the tip. The link is fixed. We appreciate any reader corrections, comments and suggestions.


thanks for those that's just great i want more

Michael Harnett

How could you not include AirPlay Direct? Big oversight. By the way ask indie musicians what they really think about Sonicbids? A lot of dissatified musicians is what you would find.


People are really turned off by Sonicbids. Most artist feel out of the thousand who do apply only one is chosen. A lot of times you can book the same venue just by calling. I do like Sonic Bids for the EPK. AirPlay Direct is huge for promtions and it is free to start. Good catch Michael Harnett. A lot of great ideas on this page. Some def work better than others. Def look into TV. Running a commercial is very very cheap. Prime time in my area for MTV was only $40 for a 30 sec clip. It is making the commercial that can be expensive.

Carla Lynne Hall

This list is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together - much appreciated.

@carlalynnehall on Twitter


no link is provided in number 13


ArtistData ( can be really useful for #'s 16, 32, 80, and 97 .. It can help spread info across platforms and also get listed in local papers.

Sorry for the self promotion, but I thought it might be useful to people reading this list.

Beatrix Fröhlich

Thank you for all these great informations! Really a helping hand for a socialnetwork who started out in promoting artists like us!

Gasserpe, known as Alex Jenkins, musician & producer

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Hum. Tip 3: Always think of the fans first when making decisions.

With such tip, Bruce Springsteen would still be singing "Born to run" 2 or 3 times per night (well he would have never written "Born in the Usa" cause fans would have asked for "Born to run").

There is, according to me, the biggest danger of the Direct To Fan Marketing. Let not them killed your creativity by giving them what they really want: "what you've already done".

John Lowe

I am finding this blog very interesting.
Any Independent Artists reading this
should definitely check out Grind Stop
have really useful tools for promoting your music. that will make your music life so much easier.


great blog find it very intersting its a really helps social network who started out in promoting new artists...

Carlton J. Richard

Hey thanks for the music promotion tips. This is by far the most detailed and thought out list. I'm sure those who read these promotion tips will gain from them and get more traffic and music downloads.

Account Deleted

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Celtic Sheet Music - Waifs and Strays

Great tips! Is it okay to reprint them (I have a small music-related newsletter)?

Promotional Product Company

Nice list! We like #19 "Always think yourself as a brand that needs to be defined, marketed, and protected."


Thanks for such a great article to help all of us Indie Bands looking for creative ways to project our art. This blog as well as its comments were equally useful.
When everyone helps each other like this blog is designed to do, we all help each other take annother step to ears of our fans.

Well done!!!

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Adamus Daydream


I am really innerested in hearing some details about whom to contact for 40$ advertising in your area.

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drop me an email or post it on my page so I can share it with others that might be as innerested as I am. Great advice Bad13oy1980..


i am a new online business user and you write a very powerful and easy to understand article and this article will help me to learn more about online promotion tricks. And after reading your article i feel you are the expert on online promotion field,so i want to know the article site is good place or site for submitting article.please reply

Danielle Knowles

I have been observing how the music industry of my country evolves when it started to use the internet in selling the albums of the local artists. For me, they were quite successful but still they cannot the piracy problem of everybody.

Peter Lobo

Thanks for the tips! I've released my new album, Flowing Water, at the end of last year, and I'll be implementing some of them...


Great tip! Japan Music Promotion offers affordable promotion/marketing/PR services for artists who want to promote their music in Japan.


Cool. but I've tried 73 of these tips already.

Terranc Schemansky

"Market to the niches" is something that stands out of all 100 tips. This is what can make a musician stand out.. find a niche and stick with it. Even with only a small number of fans, if an artist has a niche, the fans are very loyal. Trying to be simply another Pop Artist is a bad idea if you want to stand out.

3000 Records


Nice tips gonna try some of these.


Tip 101. for these free 100 tips. you need to start with 5K fundings to get started.


Market to the niches" is something that stands out of all 100 tips. This is what can make a musician stand out.. find a niche and stick with it.


por favor apoyar artistas interesantes como Qapriqorn y otros artistas de la música electrónica para artistas menos conocidos pueden sobrevivir.


thanks for this

James Moore

"Never leave it to the other guy" - I would 100 percent agree with that, with the caveat of this; working with others can be extremely beneficial, but you should never under any circumstance have the mentality of "passing the buck". Others may help but no one is going to create your success for you without you pushing hard as well. VERY helpful article!


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Thank you for you because it's already giving 100 for me, it's very good to be developed in the future



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