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Video Concert Streaming For Indy Bands

Hypebot.com readers may be interested to note a new service that offers concert webcasting of entire shows on pay-per-view basis. Instead of streaming shows live, thereby limiting viewing potential, Indie-Concerts.tv is archiving shows from around the world into a database for viewers to search, preview, or pay-per-view at a nominal charge. Artists will receive royalties per stream.

This service’s primary goal is to promote Indie artists to agents, venues, managers, and an audience they would not have otherwise. In addition, it is designed for agents, etc. to easily search, and/or promote talent. Weblinks to the artist’s sites will also be in the database.

Concert footage, and booking agents are being sought now. Indie-Concerts.tv says “no matter where you are, one will be able to at any time view concerts from around the world without leaving home.”