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william casiano

hi my name is william casiano from boston massachusetts i go to the dearborn middle school in roxbury im the vice president of the school and i was wondering if you dont mind making the honor of performing at our school for this spirit week wheir having in about 3 weeks or at least call our school at 617-635-8412

thank you,
and hopefully ill have a good response to make my fellow students happy because we never get nothing good and with your presence it will light up our days and it will be a honor to meet you

william casiano

Ju Dockery

Hello, I just have a few business ideas that may be right up Sean Carter's alley. Although money is not a major issue, at the same time, obviously, I'm not sure how he feels on making more and having fun @ the same time. I know this is a long shot email and I'm not expecting a response off bat, but you will respect my persistence. See, via email isn't really safe, so... Once a response is noted, we then take it from there. St. Thomas, St. Croix U.S.V.I. are key words. Thank you in advance, Judith D.

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