The RIAA Vs. The CEA

Victory Fires Back At WMG In Taking Back Sunday Fight

Victoryrecords_1The fight that began between the Warner Music Group and hot indy label Victory Warner_music_group_logo_2 when alt rockers Taking Back Sunday jumped to the major heated up recently when the RIAA certified the band's CD Gold.  Hits Magazine printed this return blast from Victory cheif Tony Brummell to WMG:

From: Tony Brummel
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 11:52 PM

Subject: Now I've had it....

Warner illegally certified my Taking Back Sunday album.

Some employees of mine came home to gold TBS albums that I did not pay for or certify nor did they want.

Fucking with me and playing games is one thing. Attempting to make me look stupid is another. Desecrating the Victory brand and the years of sacrifice and hard work that many employees and artists have contributed to is not allowable.

Where is the leadership? Where are the mentors? Jac, I read your book "Follow The Music". Fuck, I read it three times. Earlier this evening, I went into my alley, pissed on it and threw it away.

The fledgling Warner Music Group has made an enemy for life.

Whalley, if you are such a record man, quit your job and go indie like me.......... Get your fucking hands dirty, you overpaid and pampered putz. Overpaying for damaged goods is not A&R.

Victory Records means something to many people around the world. It is a brand. It is something that they can count on. It has meaning.

Warner Music means nothing. It is a soulless corporate monicker tarnished by meaningless characters that raped it for their own inflated sense of self importance and ego masturbation.

I am part of something that the consumer actually cares about. Consuming product is one thing. When the consumer actually cares about the corporation that produced and helped develop the product you have something much more powerful and special.

That is what makes me different from all of you. Aside from the fact that I cannot be fired. I won't develop cataracts either as I squint at the TV praying that the scrolling ticker on Bloomberg says that the share price is up.