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Cynthia Simien

eMusic data is good to know since we as indie artists have music available there.
What I did want to comment about though, is the current state of a culture in jeopardy in the state of Louisiana, including the Zydeco and Cajun Music that has become synonymous with the unique cultural/musical identity of this state. As Vice President of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy, (aka the Grammy folks) we are working with the state to help the music community with financial assistance during these extraordinary times in our state history. To date MusiCares/The Grammy Foundation has assisted 2000 artists with over 2 million in financial assistance. Under the current economic climate we are experiencing the greatest harships our state has ever endured and our culture has been hit hard. We are petitioning NARAS (the Grammy foks) to establish a new voting category within the awards process for Zydeco and Cajun Music. There is also a grass roots effort lead by the growing legion of fans of these genre's to have this music programmed on Sirius Satelite radio. If this interests you please visit the Sirius website and submit this as an idea. Many thanks.

George Hartline

Speaking of the rise of independent music and gaining respect from major labels, please join the BUM RUSH THE CHARTS campaign we are holding! The band: George Hartline. The price: 13.97 full cd/dvd live album. The date: August 31st.
The site:

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