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I am not sure about what everybody, but what I am seeing is the end of Major's grip. And Clear Channel can shove it.


Hey I totally agree with you. I used to blindly follow and believe whatever was dished on my plate until a wonderful English Professor of mine asked my class to write a paper on "Blind Obedience". It opened my eyes to the incredible dangers of being blindly obedient, or, blindly believing toward everything we hear. I remember when we entered the war in Iraq the only good argument I could come up with in favor of going to war was, “Well they must know something we don’t, because it would be stupid to go to war for the simple reason of “I don’t think the current government should be in power.” Needless to say I think that argument has been thrown out the window. I’ve got to be honest with you, I like Bush as a person, but I don’t like him as a leader. I think the guy has a good heart and “thinks” he is doing what is best, but in all honesty I just don’t think the guy is very bright. Anyway, I love it when folks in the entertainment industry, especially musicians, take a political stance. I especially love it when musicians take a political stance in their music. I not only think it’s a difficult artistic accomplishment to write a political song without sounding cheesy and stupid. I also think it’s a cool alternative way of keeping a track of history.

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