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What a typical music critic statement. I'm amazed that these historians always have such a selective view of history. They always forget the emotionally dishonest, slick music that sold millions between The Beatles, Dylan and Pearl Jam. Why not mention the fact that Don Johnson had a hit album in the '80s?

Hypebot Editor

The LA Times article does explain The history of this kind of faceless pop all the way back the Brill Building.

And does Coolfer Glenn mean to suggest that Don Johnson selling millions of CD's was somehow a good thing? Or that old D.J. compares to the success and impact of all of these top rated seasons of American Idol?

Should we be thinking about another Hypebot vs. Coolfer face-off?


you guys need a better face off material. this one is lame, I almost think you two are getting paid by LATimes to generate clicks. (heh.)

once somebody post the average shelf life of american idol contestants, and how most who win are really amateurs/near pro musicians, nobody will care.

how about finding out if LAtimes has a stake in TV show biz? :D

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