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We've written as little as possible about "American Idol" and have never watched more than a few minutes in all these seasons.  But its hard not to wonder what it says about the future of music when bland pop singers capture top TV ratings and sell millions of CD's and concert tickets.  The LA Times' Ann Powers took an able stab at answering the question of what "Idol" means. If she's right we should all be nervous.

Americanidollogo "...Call it a new paradigm or a mishmash, but "Idol" is telling us something about pop's future beyond classic rock. Its structure is designed to help people learn how to assess music within that future's rules....Old standards — the ones that made icons of the Beatles, Dylan, even Pearl Jam — don't apply...(Idol teaches) us to appreciate polish, charm and, yes, corniness, as much as originality and emotional honesty."  

Wake me when it's over. Read the full aticle here.