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Talk about suffering for your art...The Ditty Bops are embarking on a bicycle tour of America in support of cycling, clean air, and their new WB album "Moon Over the Freeway". It starts in LA this week and runs up the cost and then straight across the country.  Along the way they'll play a mix of Dittybopsridepage traditional club and festival shows as well as house concerts, record stores and impromptu events.

Those old enough to remember when George Thorogood & The Destroyers hopped into a Checker cab with all of the gear (OK are you old enough to at least remember Checkers?) and played 50 states in 50 days (They flew to Hawaii and Alaska), saw the concentrated combination of shows plus both local and national Dditybops media attention around the stunt helped break the band (then on folk indie Rounder) wide open.

The quirky and fun Ditty Bops don't fit anywhere in today's radio landscape and almost have to be seen to be appreciated.  This is the kind of promotion just may turn enough heads to garner them a larger audience. Kudos to the band's team including new agent Brian Swanson at MPA and most of all The Ditty Bops for being willing to risk bunions and sore butts to take their music to the streets...or at least the bike paths.