Hypebot's New Music Industry Briefing For Monday July 31th, 2006
Live Nation Buys Musictoday

Is Bebo The MySpace Music Killer?

Social networking site Bebo has added music community features and the initial response has been impressive with more that 25,000 bands and tens of thousands of fans jumping Bebo on the bandwagon.

Bebo is using fan generated playlists and music recommendation features to cut th\rough the clutter that has become annoying to some MySpace users. "The big differential from sites like MySpace is in the way we introduce the concept of playlists and will introduce the Bebo DJ," Bebo founder Michael Birch told cNet. "Everyone has a friend who's great at finding and recommending music. Other users can copy their playlists to their own home page, instead of having to look through thousands of bands if they don't want to."Myspace_31

Some cool kids will always want to avoid the crowds, but MySpace has tremendous momentum (key in any community site) and very deep pockets to keep it  moving forward. Bebo does however seem to have found a niche that music marketers should be paying attention to.  Others sites to watch: MOG, Buzznet, and the rapidly growing but less music focused Facebook.