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Microsoft officially confirmed on Friday that it is working on a music and entertainment "project" dubbed Zune, which will include hardware and software products that offer users on-the-go access to music and entertainment... [Read More]


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2007 ought to be an interesting year indeed for CD-digital transition. Specially if Microsoft toss in several hundred million bucks into this digi adventure.


Squashed thats very true indeed but will MS's entry into the space do more then line the pockets of some ad agencies and media outlets? Any chance the product actually makes a dent? All the talk of wifi enabled reminds me of Music Gremlins product release last month which was a real snoozer...


well whatever it is,

1. There gonna be at least several hundred thousands more digital players on the street next year. Definite pricing pressure for everybody else.

2. Even if the whole thing is a gigantic marketing failure. It raises public awareness. (Tho' admitedly, Microsoft ads have been pretty lame, they are good at holding PC/developer ecosystem. But building image for new product is not one of them. we'll see I guess)

3. Microsoft created an entirely new division for this. So at least they gonna stick around for 2-3 years.

Whew, if I were big label execs, I would be shaking in by boots. Not because of Microsoft, but how music will turn into battle zones between tech giants with tons of money to burn. And Big records label doesn't control key technology anymore.


Google search results for zune are redirected to ipod section of apple website according to


The xbox 360 will be Microsoft's ticket to success with the Zune product line. MS has one foot in the door with the gaming system, I bet the zune will be highly integrated.

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