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"In-Stat: Digital Radio Set to Take Off"

"In 2006, 73 percent of respondents to an In-Stat U.S. consumer survey were aware of HD Radio on some level."


"Sirius, XM, and HD: Consumer interest reality check" (Alexaholic)

"While interest in satellite radio is diminishing, interest in HD shows no signs of a pulse."


This just confirms, the lack of interest for HD Radio, on Google Trends:


"Rethinking AM's Future"

"Only 175 or so AM stations have even licensed AM-HD. For a number of reasons, quite a few have tried it and taken it off the air, or so the anecdotal evidence suggests. Ibiquity no longer reports in its public summaries whether a station is on the air."


For now, HD Radio/IBOC is dead.

Bruce Houghton

Thanks for the stats ! Please share your knowledge more in the future too.


who the hell want to pay for HD radio when one can get WiFi and stream audio.

It won't kill HD, but WiFi is so cheap and everywhere.

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