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WMG Buys Euro Indie Backing Of Bid For EMI

More details are emerging as the dance between EMI and suitor Warner Music continues.

Emi_83 One of the major road blocks to any hookup between WMG and EMI has always been obtaining anti-trust approval of European Commission.  European indie music trade group IMPALA has already successfully forced the Sony BMG merger back for re-approval.  Today WMG announced that it has cut a deal with IMPALA that would have the indie label group actually endorsing the merger.

Warner Music has promised that if a deal to buy EMI is closed it will:

  • provide specified but unnamed funding for but take no equity participation in the recently announced Merlin initiative, the new global digital rights licensing platform established by the independent music labels to represent the world'sWmg_54 independent music sector
  • ensure the divestiture of certain unspecified "recorded music assets to reinforce the market power of the independent sector"
  • pursue "various other behavioral commitments which have the aim of benefiting the recorded music market as a whole and, in particular, the independent music sector"

EMI today acknowledged that WMG has again approached them but says that so far no specific offer has been made. Lawyers on both sides are already lining up for their piece of the action.

WMG gets points for overcoming this hurdle prior to making a new offer EMI. But...

Impala_logo_5 IMPALA what are you thinking?

Do you believe that even by banding together indies can't compete with the big bad majors? The poor little Indies even need Uncle Edgar's money to fund their own new licensing organization Merlin.  Too bad you think so little of yourselves.  We thought you were our last best hope to save the industry.