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How Far Can A Beatle Fall? McCartney To Appear On Home Shopping Network

PaulmccartneyWhat does it say about your music when you're reduced to schilling it on a channel dedicated to selling people useless crap?

From the press release: "Multichannel retailing powerhouse HSN today announced that it is teaming with Hear Music to produce a Paul McCartney Listening Party television special to celebrate the upcoming release of Paul McCartney's latest album, "Memory Almost"...the special 30-minute program will feature cuts from the new CD, lively discussions with McCartney fans and video segments from Paul McCartney as he shares the inspiration behind his latest work."

What a breathtakingly stupid idea.  I understood McCartney's deal with Starbucks and their Hear Music imprint. How many adults still go into record stores.  But schilling yourself on Home Shopping Network....excuse me "HSN"? 

Sure some groups need hit the channel to sell CD's to its homebound shopaholic audience.  But Sir Paul?  A Beatle?