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Gerd Leonhard

Greetings Hypebot,
RockYou is cool, and it's great you now use legal music tracks with those slide shows. Just wanted to add, though, that www.sonific.com has been doing this (i.e. music widgets for social media) for almost a year, already, and is now supplying music widgets to over 42 platforms on the web, including Wordpress, Google, Blogger, Typepad, Slideroll, Friendster, Freewebs, Piczo, SmugMug and many others, see http://sonific.com/home/supported_sites. AS to size of catalog, and depth, we are just adding another 100.000 tracks of great indie repertoire (includes tracks from V2 Records, Nettwerk, Ninja Tunes, and many strong catalogs supplied by IODA, IRIS, DRA etc) so.... there is a lot happenong in this space. Widgets will be a major channel of promotion / marketing / distribution for the music industry, very soon, and Sonific will supply the tools ;).
Watch for a major announcement by Sonific in about 2 weeks...

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