New Music Business Briefing: EMI Still In Play, No McCartney On iTunes & Much More
New Music Business Briefing: EMI Still In Play, Universal & WMG Sued And Much More

Survey Says Strict Parents Are Answer To Music Industry's Prayers

American_gothic A new survey of online habits released but the Business Software Alliance offered some hope for the beleaguered music industry...if you believe that Mom and Dad should be keeping a closer eye on their kids. In the survey, comparing young people without parental rules to those with rules, kids are more likely to:

  • surf the Web (87% without parental rules vs. 63% with rules)
  • download software (52% without parental rules vs. 19% with rules)Spanking_2
  • download music without paying a download fee (47% without parental rules vs. 16% with rules)

When comparing the 2007 study results with the 2004 and 2006 surveys:

  • There was a decrease in the percentage of kids downloading software without paying for it; 11% reported illegal downloading in 2007, down from 14% in 2006 and in 2004 at 22%.
  • In 2007, 30% of kids admitted to downloading music without paying, compared to 32% in 2006 and 53% in 2004.
  • 8% admitted to downloading movies without paying in 2007, down from 10% in 2006 admitting downloading without paying and 17% reporting so in 2004.