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interesting essay about downloading and piracy here... http://rawkblog.blogspot.com/2007/07/critical-backlash-illuminating.html


I fall in with their research. Over the years I've upped my subscriptions from a basic plan, to a full plan, to the top annual plan. I consume and experiment with far more purchases because it's inexpensive AND gives me a good central repository for mp3's. The other good thing about eMusic is that you can re-download something you've aready purchased for free if you've already downloaded it, so there's little danger in having a hard-drive crash wipe out a music collection.


I've purchased hundreds of albums and tracks from eMusic that I probably would not have otherwise. The price encourages taking risks with artists that I do not know as well. I also end up getting music in genres that I would not have explored so much before.

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