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i am

Hello, I was seeking programs for Messenger and I found a web that says you if someone has eliminated you from the MSN.
The page is http://www.checkmessenger3.com and is called Check Messenger 3.
Among the advantages that has I emphasize these:
1) Check Messenger 3 shows you who has eliminated you from the MSN Messenger.
2) Check Messenger 3 shows you who has blocked you from Messenger.
3) tells you everything about all your contacts that added you to their contact list and never informed you.
4) Moreover, you can download a lot of programs, avatars, skins, emoticons and games for the Messenger for FREE.

Well, it's a recommendation of a web that I've found, is very good and you don't have to install anything in your computer, so it's a secure and very fast page to know who has eliminated you from the MSN.

Check Messenger 3 is: http://www.checkmessenger3.com
I hope you enjoy this web that i've found seeking things!!


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