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New Music Business Briefing: TVT's 50 State Promo Tour, German Copyright Law Leaps Backwards & Much More

Tvt >>> TVT SVP of Promo Brad Davidson and Northeast promotion man Dan Pearson will head out on a 50 state journey to break the band New Years Day. Billing it as the “I Was Right Tour,” the duo will kick things off in Maine and finish up in Florida. (FMQB) Reminds me of the George Thorogood 50 States In 50 Days tour that broke the band. OK, so I just dated myself.

>>> German copyright law has been updated to make copying a CD or DVD even for personal use illegal. (Variety) Won't this move just encourage P2P use and drive songApplelogo_2 sharing further underground?

>>> Richie Ramone is suing Apple, WalMart & Real demanding payment. (PC World) Join the club Richie.  Why not just wait to see how The Allman Brothers and Prince do? 

>>> Does album art have relevance in the digital age? (Billboard) We hope so...but we fear not. 

>>> Because we like you and don't want you to miss anything that would cost you that big promotion your expecting, we've produced another Hypebot's New Music Business Week In Review.

>>> Early every morning we check Amazon to see if they've finally launched their promised mp3 download store and again today...nothing.

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