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I want music to be cheaper and free of drm. just removing drm isn't a strong pull for me.

simon harrison

"Consumers might say they don’t like DRM but their buying behavior shows they really don’t care. iTunes dominates the digital music market, is growing and has DRM. CDs don't have DRM, but sales of CDs are tanking. Looking at these data points alone it wouldn't be unreasonable to conclude that people actually like DRM (just saying this to make a point)."

What a ridiculous assertion. You correctly point out that most consumers who use itunes don't mind D.R.M. So far so good. To therefore conclude that they like D.R.M. is absurd. These infantiles don't know ANYTHING about ANYTHING computer oriented, otherwise they wouldn't buy from itunes.

Advertising is not the answer. There is no answer for the 'recording industry'. P2P is all we need now, thanks...

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