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Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Radiohoead's N.Y.'s Eve Surprise, No Surpise: P2P Use Up, Apple Soars & More

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Ticket Sales Slump, Virgin Closing Stores, True North Sold & More.

Concert_ticket > Despite some major classic rock tours, the live concert industry experienced a 15% overall decline in 2007 sales. (Reuters)

> Concert promoter Live Nation's artist services division Artist Nation, who recently made headlines signing Madonna to a 360 deal, has released its first DVD set, "The Adventures of Mimi." featuring Mariah Carey. The double-DVD set will retail for $19.99 and be distributed exclusively through  Best Buy.

> Variety is reporting that the Virgin Megastore in LA is closing next year and the NYC store may follow.

> Linus Entertainment is taking over True North Records, the long standing Canadian label founded Bernie Finkelstein and home to Bruce Cockburn and others.  Bernie will step down as president but remain chairman. Expect more indie label consolidation in 2008.

> New IPod and iPhone technology is designed to lower volume automatically to protect hearing. (Daily Mail)

> One Tallahasse, FL indie retailer LP's Music & More is holding his own...for now.  (Talahassee Democrat)

> A different view of the Yahoo! China court decision from Music 2.0

> R.I.P. - Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and indie/clasic rock promo and marketing specialist Paul Yeskel.