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Captain Wrong

I just don't get this. So, is this $5/month meaning they're going to open the vaults and let everyone have free reign? Or is this basically "protection" money? Is this opt-in or opt-out or optional at all?

I think I know the answers to those questions and I think this is absolute bullshit.

Bruce Houghton / Hypebot.com

Details are far from clear; but I agree its scary.


This is NOT a tax!

Can we start by calling it what it really is? It's a LICENSING fee. Taxes are collected by government - this is a fee collected by private industry, much along the lines of the ASCAP fee that clubs and restaurants pay every day right now.

While I generally support the plan, there are some real issues and risks that need to be thouroughly vetted. So let's do that on the merits.

But calling it a "Tax" is bullshit and sloppy on your part Bruce. That name obscures clarity on the issue and pushes a lot of netizen's buttons...

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