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Due West

If you are a country music fan, we hope you will check out our new song, "Sweet Gravity." We want people to hear it, so we are giving the mp3 away for free. Check it out! duewestmusic.blogspot.com

Ethan Bauley

Hopefully they won't get sued by ArtistShare!

Methods and apparatuses for financing and marketing a creative work

[yes, it's still pending, but, ya know...]

Best of luck to this band!

negative optimist

at 4pm central time today, this band has 1 myspace play. just saying...


Just a question. Can raising money in this manner be a potential SEC issue or FINRA issue? I ask because it's like soliciting an investment or soliciting investments in a company? Can someone share thier thoughts with me on this. I thought about a model like this some time ago, but abandoned the idea as I thought it would be to troublesome to navigate the red tape?

Bob SLayer

Good luck with this guys...

I manage a band Electric Eel Shock
We did something similar back in 2006 and raised $20,000 from fans - giving 100 fans guest list for life...

We have just launched something again - but this time we went through Sellaband.com
We have raised over $30,000 in 3 weeks
Come and get involved?!
Also we invite anyone bands to check it out

For us one of the most interesting things is the team that we get to work with to help us release our record - Sellaband has great deals in place with Amazon etc

Anything that lets bands keep control of their careers is great in my book - go for it!

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