Music 2.0 Week In Review: Napster, EMI, A Band With A Plan & More
Video - Zuneral: The Death Of DRM

Music 2.0 Reading List

Just in case you need to get your music 2.0 fix this Memorial Day, here are a few select Books_3 pieces that should be of interest:

  • The Pew Internet & Life Music Project - Lots of stats including:only 7% of those surveyed said online information had a major impact on their music purchases. (PEW, pdf of report)
  • Can The Music Industry Save Itself? Part I - Intro, Part II -

Off With Their Heads. (More in the series this week.)

  • A list of bankrupt TVT's unsecured creditors - Take a macabre tour of how what was one America's #1 indie label spent its money. (here)
  • Music 2.0 by Gerd Leonhard. This one's a full 228 book offered via the pay want you want model.  When was the last time you read an entire book? Because this one is written in the essay format, you can spend as much time or as little time with Gerd's worthy and original thinking as you'd like. (Music 2.0)
  • Hypebot's short but growing list of Music 2.0 Resources. What resources do you think we should add?