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Wait...so if I give Metallica $25, they'll send me an MP3 version of their album (which I'd more than likely be able to buy, sale priced on iTunes, for $8.99 upon its release)...

Then...If I give them ANOTHER $8, they'll send me their CD (which I'd more than likely be able to buy, sale priced, at Best Buy, for $8.99)...

And they'll ALSO give me stuff that they could just put on their website for free anyway?

WHAT GREAT GUYS! And what a great idea, Warner Bros.! Thanks!

Jerry Mandering

The Metallica idea is one of the biggest boneheaded ideas I've seen thus far.

What were they thinking at Warner?

They keep bragging about being the only company with a dedicated tech department and this is all they can come up with?


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