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I'll first ask if you've tried the new Lala, because most commentary I've read sound like the person has not actually dug in and experienced it.

I've tried it and have been playing around for quite a few days. It's not a site that sells streams for ten cents. It's an MP3 store that sells streams for ten cents. There's a big difference. The goal is obviously not to sell ten-cent streams. The goal is to sell MP3s. I think Lala's streaming offerings are a good way to encourage purchases. (It's ease of use is an equally good way to encourage purchases.) And it's well though out and easy to navigate. For browsing and sampling, it is as good as eMusic and will probably get better by the time it launches.

And it's a different class than imeem. On paper imeem looks great (free streams, option to purchase downloads) but it doesn't function as well as Lala, and I personally do not want to buy music from an ad-supported social networking site. A site that specializes in music will get my money.

Bruce Houghton / Hypebot.com

Glenn, yes I did check it out.

You are right. It is slick, but I'll stick to my belief that 10 cent streams is a non-starter.

Care to make a friendly public bet? Maybe a "Here's The Bet" post now and then an "I was wrong" on both our blogs written by the looser? As in, "if this idea takes off on LaLa or any other web site a year from now you were right and I was wrong"...

Jerry Mandering

Why would anyone pay for streams now a days?

The Lala.com interface is slick and easy to use but the very mention of paying 10 cents for streams is one of the stupidest things you could have your press people do.

Stop it.

Sweep that little fact under the rug and never mention it again. It's still fresh so maybe you can pretend like it never happened. Hopefully you don't end up in a Wired piece on how stupid the music business is.


Wait? It is not 10 cents per play.
When you said 10 cents per stream I thought you were saying it cost 10 cents every time you want to hear the song (I agree that is a non-starter!) but I listen to music on my computer all day long at work so this 10 cents is effectively complete ownership of the song for me.

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