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5 Lies Indie Musicians Tell Themselves

lies (noun) - untruthful statements made to with the intention to deceive.

  1. "The internet leveled the playing field for indie music." - Big checkbooks and the marketing campaigns they buy still have the edge. The internet just opened the door for everyone.  It's what you do now that you're in the now overcrowded room that matters.
  2. "I'm going D.I.Y." - Sorry, but you can't Do It all Yourself. You need a team; preferably an experienced one. Just for starters: manager, agent, web guru, marketing and PR.
  3. "The quality of the music matters more now." - It has always started with a great song...or at least a catchy one.  That hasn't changed and neither has the fact that after that it's still about hard work, who your champions are and luck.
  4. "Now that the FCC ended payola, my music has a chance at radio." - Dream on.  There are still gatekeepers and they still don't care about you.
  5. "My sales suck, but so do everyone else's." Sure the numbers have changed, but if you can't get people to pay something for your music then you've got a problem...with your music.

Motivational experts teach that self-talk - the stories we tell ourselves - shapes who we are and how we navigate in the world.  How successful will a musician or any of us be if our self-talk begins with lies?