iLike Hits 30M Users, Adds Major Features

Concert Promoter Ad Platform,
Full Song Streams, Artist Royalties & More

Social music discovery service iLike has hit 30 million registered users and announced new features that  include a new ad platform for concert promoters, limited full-length song playback and artist royalty payments via Rhapsody, and an initiative to enable music syndication via third-party developers.

AD PLATFORM: Promoters, clubs, agents and bands can now use iLike’s social, self-serve advertising tools to reach music fans across the top social networks. It enables advertisers to:

  • Target fans based on location and musical tastes rather than key words;
  • Quickly create multi-media ads, including music playback and social links
  • Manage campaigns in multiple markets via auto-generated ads with self-populating concert data
  • Tap into potential “viral spread” of concert info via built-in social hooks that encourage fans to invite friends to concerts.
  • Info @  to iLike.com/advertise

FULL SONG STREAMS: Free full song streaming is now available up to…

25 plays monthly. Then users can sign up for a Rhapsody account or song
samples are reduced to 30 second song samples. This feature will soon
be extended to iLike’s hugely popular Facebook application.

: Royalties will be paid for full song streams via Rhapsody’s existing agreements.  This differs from the more nebulous share of ad revenue payment offered by imeem and Last.fm.

DEVELOPERS: The new initiative which will launch later this quarter will allow developers to add song playback (songs and playlists) to their websites or Facebook applications.

iLike has built and launched dominant music applications on four of the top 10 social websites: Facebook, Orkut, hi5, and Bebo. With this initiative,  iLike features will be available to any developer for use on other website thus expanding iLike’s footprint.  iLike is now accepting early registration for developers at www.iLike.com/developer.

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  1. After all the noise Last.fm has made, it looks like ilike has decided to make some moves. The ad platform and full song streams are good additions, and probably should’ve been created sooner! In terms of royalties, any idea of rhapsody pays royalties to unsigned artists? If ya, then this is a good way for ilike to compete with last.fm. If not, ilike and I are going to have some words.

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