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Nimbit makes a lot of sense to me, seems like a good idea, and is priced in a fair/reasonable manner. The initial setup costs are totally fair, the cut they take is reasonable and their widget is designed well. Compare this to the Noisetrade thing that was posted previously, and you can see why I thought their $250/album plus 10% is completely unreasonable. Nimbit will handle physical goods, digital distribution, sales, etc. I'm signing up now, interested to see if it will be a useful tool.

Scott Feldman

One of the great things about Nimbit is that as a company, they only do as well as their artists. For that reason alone, they work harder to make sure that the artist needs are met. As a company, they are an musician's best advocate. Their products are smart, effective, and exactly what an indie artist needs on multiple levels from sales to marketing and promotion.

Admittedly, I used to work for 'em, but that aside, I've repeatedly seen these guys go the distance to meet the demands of their users.

Both while I was there, and long after, I've turned a number of people on to Nimbit and never once had any regrets. That says something ...


I use Nimbit with several of my client's. The sales widget is great. I just wish they had a larger digital distribution base like Tunecore.


On "paper" it sounds like an interesting bundle of features, but then I see that they sell MP3 format tracks. If that means lower-quality tracks, then I wouldn't want to sell them to my listeners. I'd rather sell higher quality tracks and offer my own banner link that sends clicks directly to iTunes...


I recently tried out Nimbit and a bunch of their competitors and Nimbit seems like the way to go right now for small independent artists like me, though Musicane has some style. I wrote up my initial thoughts on my blog here:

Sell Music Directly from Your Website

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