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We all knew this was going to happen. To nearly everyone Yahoo never had a music product. It was unused!


This is absurd! Not that I ever bought anything through Yahoo music, but if I had, now I wouldn't be able to listen to it anymore?



I used Yahoo Music service and love the subscription model. For about the price of one CD a month, I could download oodles of music. Sure I have to sync up my MP3 player once a month but who doesn't do that to switch songs.

This didn't upset me as Rhapsody seems better and I was already happy with Yahoo Music service.


Just to clarify, Microsoft changed it's position for renewing licenses for music bought from MSN Music. Due to the negative feedback, they decided to keep supporting customer's licenses.

Hopefully, Yahoo! will do the same. Yet another reason DRM sucks.

Bruce Houghton @ Hypebot.com

I'll post it Monday but thought you might be interest in seeing that Yahoo may now offer some refunds for music purchased: http://news.yahoo.com/s/cmp/20080726/tc_cmp/209601121


Agreed Seth, another example of how DRM is not consumer friendly. Musicians don't want their music stolen, but we also don't want our music to frustrate our fans! And its only the fans that legally purchase music that have to deal with DRM, its asinine.


a pal that works there said this:

Yahoo! Music Unlimited, our subscription/download service, is closing down. Yahoo! Music is not going anywhere. The good news for me is that supporting that service was a pain in the arse, which I no longer have to be bothered with.

i do the eMusic thing, and everything is DRM free... I know hypebot has bias against eMusic/Orchard, but whatever...works for me, and other indie music lovers.

Colie Brice

Da da dun dun dun, another one bites the dust..

Kannada greetings

Thats sad news that yahoo is closing their business

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