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Gopi Sangha

Dead on once again. I am the biggest Apple fan boy around, but Apple's music partners never realize that apple is consistently controlling the application of delivery: Fairplay (DRM), Itunes, Movie Rentals, Ipod-Compatibility, AppStore & etc.

However who else in the tech industry has the consumer base & ability to consistently develop applications ahead of the curve in terms of accessibility, user experience & reliability like Apple does? What are the alternatives in the market place? The only people that come to mind are Google, Microsoft & Sony.

Considering other product lines, I feel Google could have the vision to do some revolutionary things with music (especially on the web) , Microsoft is too busy playing catch-up & Sony probably has the greatest resources at hand (with robust Film, Music & Electronics components) & has attempted (Mini-Disc, BluRay, Myplay.com) yet never really grasped that "wow" factor since the walkmen.


old news. they are doing it for all labels. we've been working with them for 6 months on this. all of our dig booklet formats will be like this. cant wait to get the new snow patrol, tho!

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