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the reason bands don't mind using a digital distributor is because of TRUST ; it's easy for Bandcamp and others to SAY they'll pay more, but when it's time to write the checks, can and/or will they ? Tunecore has been trustworthy so far, but snocap failed miserably at this...

Bruce Houghton

In fairness to Bandcamp, the system I saw the $ go straight from fan to band via paypal. They don't touch it.

Andy Baio

"At least 100% of the money"? You mean, they might give you more than you earned? :)

Hey, you guys might be interested in the interview I did with Bandcamp's co-founder, Ethan Diamond. We covered their inspiration for building the site, the current state of band homepages online, music piracy, and their justification for requiring lossless audio.

Ethan Bauley

This was killer, it's all in the UX, love it. Can't wait to play with it. Would LOVE TO SEE THEM integrate with the TuneCore API...

Then yer DONE ;-)


this looks awesome for artists that are totally just starting out, i mean common!!! where else are you going to get a thing that let's the fans pay what they want ala radiohead...i think i'm in love

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