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I think MySpace is taking a great step here and is bound to be or continue to be a leader in streaming music. But why only big labels? Not to blast the big labels for providing us with toned down, cookie cutter music that they think will sell, but seriously thats what they have been doing for the past decade!

What new and unique good music has come from a big label recently? This is a generalization of course, as there are many great artists that fill all of our playlists that are from big labels. At the same time there is so much untapped talent out there that lack the marketing and promotional tools that the big labels and now myspace provide.

I think this is a good step for music in general, but there needs to be more support and representation for real new and good undiscovered music, whether it is from the big labels or from an average Joe that records great jams in their make shift living room studio.

surya narayan

comparison between facebook and myspace

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