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I subscribed to emusic for over a year and loved the community, the superb editors and the pricing.

But I didn't update my sub when my credit card details changed because I felt emusic had grown a little stale. At least it felt that way; I was getting too many of the same old recommendations over and over again and as I hadn't the time to really dig through the site to discover new music - which had been one of the greatest parts of emusic.

A more aggressive push to enlarging their catalog of new and old music and a recommendation engine that could grow with your collection (or even better based your itunes or last.fm listening habits) and remain relevant and engaging would make a huge difference.

The other downer was the rigidity of not being able to rollover your allocated monthly songs, I would often forget the deadline having downloaded only a few albums which quickly eats away at the price advantage.

More flexibility is essential I believe (more sub models and more flexibility within each offering).

These are ideas that would make emusic stickier with subscribers so it doesn't necessarily address the growth issues.


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