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MySpace has long been playing the game of monopoly with record labels and artists. This is a site that, when you login, major labels are putting their UNKNOWN SIGNED artists on the "INDIE ARTISTS" charts to help grab those die hard fans who are down with the indie struggle.

It's MySpace Monopoly, which is why I don't bother marketing on MySpace. Major labels always "Pass Go and Collecting $200," while indies "Go To Jail and Do Not Pass Go/Do Not Collect $200." It's similar to John McCain vs Barak Obama...and if the industry wants to CHANGE...it's time for people who call themselves avid music fans who BUY music, to stand up to the majors and go out and support the indies (i.e. "MERLIN"). Otherwise we won't see a change in MySpace or any other retailers.


the equity share wouldn't be a big deal if retailers had not been busted for using 'Enron' accounting in the past; this is why the major labels insist on the equity share

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