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Any Idea What This Is About?
  • Myspace Silicon Alley Insider says the MySpace Music launch could be delayed until next week and my sources also sound a lot vaguer than the once did about this week.
  • cNet says EMI - the lone major label holdout - is close to making a deal.
  • I got an email from a reader that I had implied that existing Amazon contracts were all indies needed to be included on MySapce Music. To clarify, that contract is for download sales only.  To get a share of revenue from streaming - a feature central to the new site - indies will need new contracts directly with MySpace.  This same source claims that Merlin is in deep dicsussions with MySapce now and I know of several other distributors that say the same.
  • Talking with the NY Times the CEO of The Orchard sounded as if their MySpace deal was already done.
  • Read what else I've learned so far here..