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Senator O'Brien

My Space Music has generated a few calls to me from baby bands and new acts for my take on this new feature and if they should be excited. The answer is "no".

At first glance, I was on-board but after a few checks it seems that the majors want to lock-out the Unsigned types. They fear the lean and mean beating out their lame,fluff acts who can barely save the day.

Only major acts with major backing need apply. And the application fee, I can assure you, is steep.

If your looking to sell your product/songs through My Space Music, and your not in the "system" with the big boys, then you'll have to wait in-line. Seems that the site claims that the new My Space Music "can't handle" all those other songs out there in INDIE LAND....not just yet. Really? And their in the internet business, right? But they just dont have the capacity? HHHmmmmm??

So once again, when we need something completely different from the Musicheads, we get more of the same closed-door policies. And in time, it's just more pap for the masses.

I'm not surprised. It's the Musicheads same old song and dance: "how to make the bands pay so that we will play them...?"

I'm bored with it already. Are you bored?

mickey carroll

A Muscial & Social Commentary

This is a muscial and social commentary regarding world / life conditions . I speak through my music .

Our mission is to create an environment in each community from which unity respect and love can grow through the arts . Click on the sites and tell me what you think .

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