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Here we go again - our new online Major Label - Myspace. Really tired of all the pop-ups and exploitation. We have 25000 real fans.
I'm especially not looking forward to adds for major label artists on my page - gone.

Frankly, I find Reverbnation much more useful.
Switching and no longer updating my myspace page.

Alex Zandretta

I have to agree,reverbnations the best way for indies(the fact that they pay us for exposure is fantastic...to quote geddy lee of rush"Ten bucks is ten bucks eh!")

they constantly grow,while myspace has now fallen into the mp3.com realm,which really puts another nail in the coffin for them,considering their support system on the site barely rivals a 7-11 clerk....(and they speak english yet*lol*)
Reverbnations constantly empowering artists with sponsors and other great tools.

Jeremy Welt

The "major" labels aren’t too happy either. The site is buggy, and many promised benefits of the "service" simply don't work yet.
But the one thing no one is talking about is that the commerce aspect of the site still doesn’t work. 99% of the buy links for our content on the site don't work yet - and its been two weeks live with our entire catalog of music. They were supposed to be building a competitor to itunes here, technically, it seems they are having an extremely difficult time.

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