Can Payola Save Internet Radio?
Derek Sivers Shares A Little Wisdom

Tuesday's Music Briefing: Apple Announcement, Label Suicide & More


> ARS has live coverage of today's Apple announcements which should include some iTune and iPod upgrades. (ars) It all starts just before 10 AM PT.

> "How the Music Business Spent the Summer Killing Itself: Labels Pull Albums off iTunes, RIAA Goes After Internet Radio -- When Will They Ever Learn?" (Ad Age)

> The head of MySpace China has resigned. (NYT)

Canadaflag > "Following Demonoid and QuebecTorrent, the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has threatened isoHunt with legal action. However, isoHunt has decided to launch a preemptive strike, as it turns the tables and sues the CRIA instead." (TorrentFreak)

> Dissident Napster shareholders should not have a place at the table according to analysts. (LA Times)