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you make it sound like the group is popular because many fans took the free mp3; it's the complete opposite - many took the song because the group is popular


Thanks for this. But I thought there were 10 things not 8?

David DeVore

Nick hit the nail on the nail square on the end. It is refreshing to see folks starting to adopt the fan marketers manifesto:

1)Serve The Individual - Communicate with people not lists

2) Honor fan preferences in content, frequency and channel (ie sms, email, rss etc)

3) Deliver real value that serves The fan's individual needs

Bruce Houghton

Sorry about the mis-print. All 10 are up now. Good comments. BestMan333 you are right Coldplay is popular. But I think Nick and David are right, its this kind of fan treatment that has kept them that way.


I think it means something to fans when an already established band gives back, because after all, people buy your music because they want to. Of course, anybody who didn't wish to pay for it wouldn't do so. This is incredibly smart to me because it may possibly turn casual or on the fence listeners into genuine fans.



You are the last...

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