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Contest: How Are You Building Your Tribe?

Tribes_circles_2 As part of Tribes week on Hypebot, I want you to hear how you are building your tribe. Whether its fans or team members at a label, management firm or start-up we're all trying to build tribes. Use the comment section below to share tribe building technologies and techniques that are working for you.  Is Facebook. ArtistData or Basecamp working for you?  Are you using vlogs or free music to grow your Tribe? Maybe there's something you've seen someone else use that you think is worth sharing.

One winner for the best idea gets a free a copy of Seth Godin's new book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. Two more winner get to tell us your favorite 2 artists on our Skyline Music booking agency roster and we'll send you some free CD's. We'll also take a few of the best and share them in a Tribe Building post.  


  1. I chose the winners.
  2. Entries close Monday 10.27.08