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EMI Launching Its Own Download Site

EMI will launch its own music discovery and download site before the end end of the year.  Details are sparse, but the Financial Times is reporting that the label group will position the site as a "learning lab where people can discover new music as part of a broader digital strategy".

Consumers have traditionally not embraced label sites because they don’t offer the music of other major or indie labels.  A similar Sony site was shuttered; although another is rumored to be under consideration.  By using existing technologies, however, EMI can launch this site at a reasonable cost and the value of capturing consumer information (which iTunes, Amazon and other do not share) may make the effort worthwhile.

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  1. I have a business interest in believing so, but I think consumers are going to become more and more comfortable with the idea of buying their music directly from the artist.
    As the technology becomes more affordable, artists will focus their marketing efforts on driving traffic from the various discovery conduits to their own sites instead of a third party retailer. As this practice becomes more common place, fans will grow more accustom to purchasing direct from the artist and will look there first. Artists will benefit by reaping the lion’s share of the revenue, not paying per-track commissions and establishing an on-going, direct relationship with their fans.
    My shameless plug: can equip any label, distributor, retailer with their own 0% commission, e-commerce store. Why should the big guys have all the fun?

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