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From SF MusicTech Summit: Don't Forget The Data

Sf_musictech It's no secret that music fans are hungry for all the artist information they can get, from lyrics to liner notes to every other piece of meta data imaginable. Artist data not only drives music discovery, but lyrics can also be a source of publishing income when licensed by sites like LyricFind. Yet according to the panelists at yesterday's SF MusicTech's "Leveraging Data" session, many indie labels and artists aren't making their data as accessible as they should be.

Fortunately, there are a couple of relatively easy solutions...

to this problem for indies looking to make their artist info and lyrics more widely available:

  • Submit releases to All Music Guide. AMG supplies artist and album info to many of the major music retailers (iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.), discovery services, and other music-related sites. They will add all commercially-available submissions they receive to their database.
  • Indie songwriters and publishers who wish to include their lyrics in LyricFind's database - who in turn makes them available to sites like - can affiliate with the Harry Fox Agency and then opt into the HFA-LyricFind licensing agreement. - Laurence Trifon