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John B

We use Facebook. ArtistData is really nice, but it's data entry for shows is still really slow (even the tab order isn't right!) and it really bottlenecks everything else that AD can do.

Last.FM is nice too.

But I think one of the most important things we still do is the least web 2.0 of all: email.

We still answer all our emails. I can't speak for the artists on our roster, but every personal email that we get in our inbox is answered personally. There are some interesting requests, although usually it's about tourdates. For example, I'll be talking to a college student this week who wanted to know how an independent record label operates.We make sure problems with our online store are handled promptly and friendly. We keep an eye on mentions of the label in blogs, and when appropriate we've responded via email to the person (whether it's a compliment or a complaint).

We're finding as well that the more music we give for free, the more web referrals and last.fm/ilike traffic we see. That means including sampler CDs and free stuff in orders whenever we can, as well as posting the free albums wherever we can (last.fm, jamendo, etc).

Now whether that translates into sales...well, who knows.


i am using myspace, virb, last.fm, grooveshark, bandcamp, soundcloud, amie street, vimeo, twitter, etc

these are all really good social media to start a dialogue with fans of indie/electronic music. these are the places that people hip to the street are hanging out.

it seems to be working...

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