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Steven Finch

If anyone from Myspace Music reads this, RouteNote is also keen to go into talks about adding our growing catalogue to the Myspace Music service.


This is a nice move by myspace; but it continues to follow their stale old act of creating large amounts of revenue on the backs of independent artist and their content.

myspace is easily worth at least a billion, and where is the value coming from other than artist and memberscontent and activities.

How much ad revenue is myspace sharing with members that generate ad revenue for them ? Are they giving anything back to the community that has put them where they are ?

I am technology consultant, and this summer I became so feed up with the share cropper mentality of sites like myspace that I decided to build an application that shares the wealth that is created with the community.

At adelph.us we believe that Artist should have the best tools available to connect with their fans and to distribute and sell their music. We think that artist should have an easy way to build a fan base and to allow their fans to also be rewarded for spreading the word and the music.

With adelph.us the artist owns the content. With adelph.us the artist controls the price. With adelph.us the artist can generate interest as well as sells.

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