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LaLa Adds Twist To Streaming And Owning Music

lala has reinvented itself for the third or fourth time and this time may (or may not) be onto something. At the very least, they've added a new twist to streaming and ownership delivered in a clean interface with the blessing of the major labels. We wrote about the new site in beta a few months ago, but here is what theLala_2 public site has to offer:

  • You can store the music you own and access it from any web enabled device
  • If you don't own a track you can add it your lala.com library for unlimited streaming for 10 cents
  • For about 90 cents you can own the mp3 and if you previously rented the track the 10 cents is applied to the price

Will people pay 10 cents...

to own the online streaming rights to a track? Maybe. It's now alongside your other favorite tracks in your LaLa library? Maybe not. You can listen on imeem or MySpace for free.

TechCrunch says, "Lala May Have Just Built The Next Revolution In Digital Music" but cNet thinks that the
New Lala.com may be (too) ahead of its time".

What do you think?