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Nokia's Comes With Music Comes With Restrictions

Music Ally blogger Stuart Dredge pointed me toward the Terms & Conditions for Nokia's new Comes With Music download service some serious restrictions.

  • Nokias_comes_with_music_logo You don't own the songs that you download. "The sound recordings, musical compositions and other content comprising the Catalog are owned and/or controlled by Nokia..."
  • Use is restricted to your Nokia cell and 1 PC. "You may download Comes With Music Content from the Catalog during the Service Period and save the downloads on one (1) registered compatible PC and one (1) registered Comes With Music Device..."
  • "You may not burn Comes With Music Content to a compact disc or otherwise transfer it to any media."
  • "Abusive Use Policy...If our analysis of your use of the Service suggests abusive or excessive downloading, Nokia may contact you and ask you to moderate your usage. If you fail to comply with such a request, Nokia reserves the right to restrict or terminate your use of the Service."
  • Vote: Will Nokia's Comes With Music Be A Hit?