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Random Notes From CMJ 2008

  • Cmj_2008 The common thread from yesterday’s panels was SERVICES.
  • Took a quick trip through the trade hall and spoke with Muzlink, a music discovery search engine with entry level net surfer in mind, but where it falls down in my mind is a) it only includes those bands that sign up and b) it still lacks some important connectivity that would help a band sell product (merchandise or tickets) to their fans.
  • The Inmates Running The Asylum panel was interesting b/c they talked about a self release vs label release. The panel was spilt 50/50 on the topic with a slight edge towards younger bands should try to find a label with a strong “brand” to help new listeners identify them with that brand. (duh?)
  • Saw Trevor Menear live last night. He's a special talent.
  • Stay tuned...