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Tuesday's Music Briefing: MySpace, Teen Radio, Grudge Match & Much More


Myspace_2 MORE NEWS:

  • Does being local still count anymore? It may. MySpace is closing its Netherlands. office after failing to compete with local rival Hyves. (cNet)
  • EMI lands in airports via deal with InMotion's Hotspot kiosks. (press release)
  • Activision releases "Guitar Hero World Tour" game. (press release)
  • The Blackberry Partners Fund awarded $150,000 each to two music apps. (moco news)
  • A new study says younger teens are embracing broadcast radio. (NY Times) Really?
  • Music blog Idolator calls out Wired's Listening Post with "Wired" Blogger Not Afraid To Look Stupid".
  • Hushie is the latest Seeqpod-powered MP3 search engine. (Music Ally)
  • A college newspaper reporter writes that the RIAA is actually encouraging piracy. (La Voz)