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bruce, correct me if I'm wrong , but the story here seems to be that iTunes market share in Europe is WAAAY lower than the US

Bruce Houghton

Your are correct that iTunes has a smaller share in EU. It's been the case from the start. Outfits like 7Digital and local country sites take a bite out too.


why is MTV in the mix?

Bruce Houghton

Ricky, they ask MTV to help see if people feel more comfortable buying downloads via a known brand name like that. In fact in many markets MTV does sell downloads on their site. In the US its via their deal with Rhapsody America.


One of the reasons why iTunes has a much lower share in the EU is that close to 50% of the digital music market here is made on mobile. The UK is web centric, but countries from Southern Europe (France, Spain, Italy...) create more revenue for the labels from the mobile operators than from the web.

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