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Both Directv and the RIAA have sued many people now. Both Directv and the RIAA knew not all were guilty though and still accepted settlement money and a gag settlement. Where people were innocent, the US Department of Justice should have protected them from such a suit. People can access your home wireless network from on the street outside but you will pay the RIAA. People may buy legal and legitimate smart card programmers but Directv would sue and collect money none the less. So because justice permits such lawsuits and when they were innocent, that court complaint had to be untruthful and as such a fraud. Victims then became crime victims of the crime of fraud. The victim witness program ignored these crime victims in spite of the crime victims statute. For those who were innocent, they need to do just what justice has done. The next time they are a juror or a witness, ignore justice by jury nullification. Ignore justice by not being a state witness. This is the only thing which will send a strong enough message to put justice back to protecting the innocent from fraudulent lawsuits designed to collect money and silence the victims.

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